Quick Freeze Spray

Quick Freeze Spray

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Size- 100ml/3.4oz

Directions: Apply a thin layer or desired amount of quick freeze spray an inch or 2 after your hairline, repeat this process 2-3 times. Blow dry until spray is tacky, then apply your lace application pressing firmly onto the skin using the end of comb utensil or fingertips. Hold firmly for few seconds. Once complete, style hair as desired.
Ingredients- Ingredients- Water, Butylglycol, Polyethylene, Pycodone, Glycerides, Polysorbitol. Ester-20, Hydroxyethyl, Cellulose, double. (Hydroxymethyl)methylene, (daily use)Flavors, Hydrol-ysed Wheat Protein, EDTA sodium, semi-lactose Arabic Polysaccharides, Ubiquinol

This product is a liquid, and must be applied to the precise area or can become quite messy. Please use lace band straight after drying for best results.


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