What is raw human hair?
Raw hair is unprocessed human hair which has been sourced from one donor. This hair is sourced across a range of origins. It is natural black in colour, can vary in shade and can be bleached/dyed, straightened, curled and blow dried. 
How long does virgin hair last for?
Raw hair can last for a number of years depending on how you take care of it. It is important to wash and deep condition your raw hair extensions regularly, just like you would your own hair. Please see our 'Care for my hair' page for more details on this. 
How many bundles do I need for an install?
For styles which are longer that 14" we recommend using 3+ bundles and a lace system of your choice. Any style 14" and shorter can use 2 bundles, as shorter bundles are thicker. 
Can I bleach my raw hair?
Yes! our hair can be bleached and dyed to the colour of your choice. Do ensure to deep condition the hair after each process. 
What is 613 hair?
613 hair has been pre-lifted to a platinum blonde colour using chemicals. Due to this, this hair will need to be deep conditioned regularly.